RefleKron is the leading provider of customized semiconductor saturable absorber mirrors (SESAMs). We address a full product qualification cycle ensuring stable supply for volume production of pulsed laser systems. RefleKron offers a unique combination of semiconductor technology expertise, in-house epitaxy, SESAM design and characterization, and extensive knowledge in laser physics. Our technology enables to develop SESAMs for both mode-locking and Q-switching applications, covering a wavelength range from 0.6 µm to 3 µm.


RefleKron originates from Optoelectronics Research Centre from Tampere University of Technology. Established in 2004, at the rise of the ultrafast fiber laser industry, RefleKron has gained recognition for scientific and industrial development of SESAMs for a large variety of ultrafast and Q-switched lasers. Our mission today is to be the standard for reliability of SESAM fabrication securing volume production of ultrafast laser systems. While being the industrial leader in customized SESAMs, we actively advance SESAM technology beyond its current limits to new lasers and wavelengths.